Tue 26 November 2013 by Michael Tobis

Monday's sessions will be in POB Room 2.402

Keynote9:00 - 9:50James HowisonUT - InformaticsScientific Software Production: Incentives and Collaboration
Talk 1 10:00-10:25 Damon McDougall UT - ICESQUESO: A C++ library for the Quantification of Uncertainty in Estimation Simulation and Optimization
Talk 210:25 - 10:50J R CaryUniversity of ColoradoXSimComposer: Client-server approach to High-Performance Computing Workflow
Talk 311:10 - 11:35Christopher SimmonsUT - ICESHybrid parallelization of CFOUR
Talk 411:35 - 12:00Rathana AnanthakrishnanU ChicagoResearch Data Management-as-a-Service with Globus
Keynote1:00 - 1:50Neil Chue-HongSoftware Sustainability InstitutePutting the User Back into Software Sustainability
Talk 52:00 - 2:25Jennifer SeilerColumbiaResearch Compendia: Connecting Computation to Publication
Talk 62:25 - 2:50Ken DemarestAppsoma and UTAppsoma - beyond workflows to reproducibility
Talk 72:50 - 3:15Lars KoesterkeUT TACCHow to write high performing code? A few tips to get you started
Talk 83:25 - 3:50 Niall GaffneyUT - TACCR in Parallel: Lessons Learned from TACC
Talk 93:50 - 4:15Tal YarkoniUT - Psychology Doing it (Almost) All in Python, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the import Statement
Talk 104:25 - 4:45Raghunath Raja ChandrasekarOhio StateWhetting the Performance of HPC Applications with MVAPICH2 and the MPI-T Interface
Talk 114:45 - 5:05Jithin JoseOhio StateRedesigning applications using Hybrid MPI and PGAS Models - Case studies using MVAPICH2-X
Talk 125:05 - 5:25Raghunath Raja ChandrasekarOhio StateUtilizing the Network-topology-aware MVAPICH2 Library to Extract Maximum Performance from MPI Applications
combined question period5:25 - 5:30   

Tuesday's tutorials will be in FAC room 101B

Tutorial 19:00 - 12:30Peter WangContinuum AnalyticsScientific Python
Tutorial 22:00 - 4:30Yaakoub El KhamraUT - TACCHigh Performance and High Throughput Computing with R